the wildflow'ers

two witty redheads called Mi-Shell 

from polar opposite sides of the world 

try to make sense of what it takes to be in FLOW 

when madness swirls around them

Michèle Schons

Michelle Withers

a part of our breathing space are wildflowers. They can neither be tamed nor tied down, and when their time comes, they simply bloom wherever they are… 

listen to what we have harvested in New Zealand, Luxembourg and further afield. Sample some rich flavours of well-being experiences we share, from practice, observation and discovery

our wildflower blend also includes inspiring guests

Do you ever wonder what the pathway is to re-regulating oneself when fear sets in? Michele will show you one quick, easy method tuning you into your heart and getting you breathing.  

Shell shares a story of her best ever manifestation! It’s a goodie and will take you to Bali!  

Mostly we remind ourselves the human path is not always smooth and we need all manner of items to draw on to keep us where we want to be. 

Come hear us celebrate what we’ve learnt, as we close the gap on being world’s apart in wellness through sharing our experiences. 

Rod Henderson is a Scotsman on a mission to be the best version of himself and does not hold back about living & learning. 
He shares his journey from hotelier to yoga teacher where we find him on an internship in Thailand enjoying the spoils of Songkran / Thai New Year.  
When you are on ‘the hero’s journey’, you may not have all those you love around cheerleading, but Roddy has seen time and time again, the universe has his back. Roddy is very open about how alcoholism has affected his life, being in recovery after hitting rock bottom.

A big kid at heart, you’ll hear how a trip into the wardrobe holds many surprises. Be inspired to  find your own personal Narnia as Roddy tells us a story or two.

From Portugal to Switzerland, and now Luxembourg, our guest Dee Evans has been influenced by the diversity of people, places, nature, art and culture.

With ancestry steeped in healing as a descendent of royal Zulu heritage, she makes her unique offering as a Shamanic Ritual Body Painter and Photographer.

There is real depth to the connection in her exchange with you knowing that meeting and being ourselves is a journey shared. How do we navigate the inner landscapes and making them visible in the physical?

Dee Evans is your guide weaving colour, channelling and raw honesty.  

Be prepared to be met, held and seen in a very special way.

Michelle Rumball always made songs. And she sings them all with joy and conviction and a smile in her voice. 

From Toronto’s maligned suburb of Scarborough — and proud of it — she’s been a musician for as long as she can remember. Her powerful voice first emerged as the voice of the legendary Canadian acoustic rock band Grievous Angels. Winter 2024 was a good time to look at things and she’s looking at ALL the things. Taking some time off now from live performances to have a break and think about what she looks like down the road, trying new things, keeping it fresh…

Michelle Rumball has, indeed, made a new plan. 

Get amazing inspirations from our Insanely gifted teacher preacher Jamie Catto.

Jamie facilitates professional, personal and creative breakthroughs by drawing from his own processes in ground-breaking film production, philosophy voyages and music career. 

He says: Genuine healing changes happen when we remove the over-importance or agenda to transcend this glorious, messy human experience and instead, be thoroughly entertained by our fallible, slapstick genius, tripping over our heart strings and spilling the wine, falling on our arses again and again as a given and each time treating it as one of our most illuminating and liberating spiritual practices.

Why should we all be eating weeds?

As we watch them grow and bloom in the wild, they remind us of our innate longing. They bloom where they find themselves, never complaining about the conditions. They maintain their “go with the flow” state.

But eating wildflowers and weeds? Is that possible and safe? What even is a weed?

Meet Krautkind Marius Sinn and his incredible knowledge of wild herbs, plants and flowers and get to know how you can start your journey to grow your own edible wild plant garden and discover all the gifts that nature has in store for you.

For many of us, the breath is simply air in and air out.
But it is so much more and way more important than that.


You can go weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without breath, but what do you usually pay the least attention to? Isn't breathing THE most important thing you do?

Join us for deeper insights around the wellbeing trend wich is called "breathwork" and a powerful method offered by Benedict Beaumont from makesomebreathingspace

To be in the flow can be a metaphor for being in motion. 
To be in flow means to grow. 
To be in the flow means to change. 
Things can change, even if you don't know yet where the journey is going.

When we talk about movement, 
we also talk about energy in motion, 
which brings us to e-motions. 

When we try to go against the flow, we might be swept away. 
But if we stay in the flow, then everything can unfold beautifully.