the wildflow'ers

two witty redheads called Mi-Shell 

from polar opposite sides of the world 

try to make sense of what it takes to be in FLOW 

when madness swirls around them

Michèle Schons

Michelle Withers

a part of our breathing space are wildflowers. They can neither be tamed nor tied down, and when their time comes, they simply bloom wherever they are… 

listen to what we have harvested in New Zealand, Luxembourg and further afield. Sample some rich flavours of well-being experiences we share, from practice, observation and discovery. 

Our wildflower blend also includes inspiring guests. 

For many of us, the breath is simply air in and air out.
But it is so much more and way more important than that.


You can go weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without breath, but what do you usually pay the least attention to? Isn't breathing THE most important thing you do?

Join us for deeper insights around the wellbeing trend wich is called "breathwork" and a powerful method offered by Benedict Beaumont from makesomebreathingspace

To be in the flow can be a metaphor for being in motion. 
To be in flow means to grow. 
To be in the flow means to change. 
Things can change, even if you don't know yet where the journey is going.

When we talk about movement, 
we also talk about energy in motion, 
which brings us to e-motions. 

When we try to go against the flow, we might be swept away. 
But if we stay in the flow, then everything can unfold beautifully.